The 2023 Donegal Sports Star Awards Committee at its AGM on 19th June 2023.

When the Donegal Sports Star Awards was founded in 1976, it was based on the simple philosophy that our sports people of all disciplines should be honored in a suitable forum that transcended all religious and political divides. Its aim was and remains to promote participation and reward success with the annual awards banquet being a night when the sports communities would meet and sportsmen and women would be honored by the people of this county. It would be inclusive of all and give recognition to many sports that generally didn’t receive much public attention.

Over the years countless sports people have received our awards, many have gone on to represent Ireland with distinction and others have established themselves professionally in their sport. The honors not only recognize the success of our competing sportsmen and women, but we also have the Award of Appreciation which recognizes the lifetime of work carried out by the many dedicated, committed voluntary sporting volunteers whose only reward is the success of their team, club or athlete. We applaud these people, for without them there would be no sport.

The Hall of Fame Award remembers the achievements of sporting legends from the past, the great men and women of yesteryear whose exploits and successes were inspirational to us all.

We always have and will continue to mark their contribution to sport when there were no state of the art gyms, astro-turf pitches or modern changing rooms. Many of these sporting icons walked and cycled to sporting venues, changed in the open air and the only shower they were likely to get was a cold one from the elements.

Our thanks must go to our many sports organizations that make annual nominations, to our sponsors, Donegal County Council, and our past sponsors. Without their help the awards banquet would not be possible. We thank our many guests of honor down through the years that gave off their time free of charge to make the  presentations to our sporting heroes.

We thank the press for their continued assistance and the general public who have supported the event since its foundation.
We fondly remember old friends that are no longer with us, who without their dreams this event would not have happened.

Chairperson Grace Boyle
Vice Chair Paul Callaghan
Secretary May Logue
Assistant Secretary Paul McDaid
Joint Treasurers Bartley McGlynn
Patrick McLaughlin
PRO Declan Kerr


Committee Members Honorary President
Alma Curran Fr Michael Sweeney
Darran Nash
Gerry Davenport
Nancy McNamee
Neil Martin
Patsy McGonagle
Paula McGarvey
Seamus Curran